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Ride the North

Looking to discover the north on your bike? 90 minutes away from Edmonton are unchartered scenic views, low-paved highways and rolling hills. Feel the breeze on your face while you take in the beauty of the north. Athabasca County offers a range of long and short route options for riders.

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Top Day Trips from Edmonton:

5 Hours

If you would like to take a shorter ride, from Highway 2, take Highway 661 East at Rochester and enjoy a pit stop at the Rochester General Store. Continue East through Newbrook, then turn North onto Highway 831. In Boyle, a village within Athabasca County, turn West onto Highway 663. Afterwards, turn North onto 827, then head west on Highway 55 until you reach the town of Athabasca. Athabasca has an array of local restaurants serving the best of international and local delicacies!

6.5 Hours

For a longer ride, follow Highway 2 West through the town of Athabasca towards Slave Lake. If you have the time, take a dip in Lesser Slave Lake or stroll barefoot on the white sandy beach. Back on the bike, gas your ride at the Island Lake General Store and grab a bite-to-eat at the restaurant. Once re-fueled, head South on Highway 44 and enjoy a scenic trip by Flatbush, Fawcett, and Dapp. Head East on Highway 661 to reconnect with Highway 2, or continue on Highway 44 to the Yellowhead Highway to Edmonton.

10 Hours

To take it up a notch, follow Highway 2 to the town of Athabasca, then follow the signs to Highway 813 towards Calling Lake, a hamlet in northern Alberta. Wabasca is gorgeously sheltered by the majestic North and South Wabasca Lakes and the Instagram-worth views are worth the stop! Once you are rejuvenated with the calming beauty of the area, turn left onto Highway 734 to Slave Lake, then take Highway 2 back to the City of Champions, Edmonton.