Community Centres

Amber Valley Community Hall

 (780) 675-3490 | (780) 675-4395

The Hall is available for rent for all of your family events. It includes an upgraded kitchen and other facilities include a very good playground, two baseball diamonds free of charge, and lots of parking. Join us for our famous twice-annual chicken supper and the Amber Valley Music Jams every second Saturday from September to May. For hall inquiries call Barb 780-675-3490 or Marion 780-675-4395. For baseball tournaments or tours of the museum, contact Gil at 780-675-3490.

Atmore Community Hall

 (780) 525-2258 | (780) 623-5466

Caslan Recreation and Culture Society

 (780) 689-2234

Colinton Community Club

 (780) 689-1624

Ellscott Community Hall Association

 (780) 689-1131 | (780) 689-2439

Forfar Community Society

 (780) 675-3963

Grassland Agricultural Society

 Stella (780) 525-2228 | Jack (780) 525-2008

The Grassland Community Hall is operated by the Grassland Agricultural Society. Please contact the society for pricing about renting the hall and details about the facility.

Grosmont Community Club

 780-689-7894 or 780-675-9170

The recently renovated hall has a capacity for 200 and is fully accessible. The grounds include a large briquette BBQ, ball diamond, camping (non-serviced) and ample parking.

Meanook Community Club

 (780) 675-3971

The Meanook Community Club has recently been renovated and boasts a capacity of 100 people. The venue is suitable for many community or family events.

New Pine Creek Hall

 (780) 675-2572

The air-conditioned New Pine Creek Hall seats up to 175. Outside there is an unserviced campground, fire pit, and gazebo.

Perryvale Community Hall

 (780) 689-2291

Prosvita Community Association

 (780) 525-2233

Richmond Park Hall Association

 (780) 675-2897

683056B Rge Rd 220, north of Athabasca. Hall rentals are available by the hour, day, or weekend. The recently renovated hall has a capacity of 180 and is fully accessible with a commercial kitchen. Outside, a full-sized paved skating rink, ball diamond, and children’s playground are available for public use. This is a great location for your next family reunion, company retreat or small wedding – plenty of RV parking is available.

Rochester Agricultural Society

 (780) 307-6225

The Rochester Hall has a 300+ person capacity with a fully equipped large capacity kitchen, fully equipped large capacity bar and a main entrance with a large coat closet. The kitchen boasts a walk-in cooler, refrigerator, 4 large ovens with stove tops and a dishwashing unit. A P.A. system and projector are also available.

Also available are the fair grounds: 27 acres of manicured land for your event. The fairgrounds have washrooms with showers, a summer hall, a riding arena and a ball diamond. There are electrical hookups for RVs, but no sewer/water. Stands, chairs, benches, and tents are available. Ample parking near all facilities.

Funerals: $150
Meeting Only: $75
Hall and Kitchen: Per Weekend: $500 Per Day: $250
Hall and Fairgrounds: Per Weekend: $1,000 Per Day: $500
Fairgrounds Only: Per Weekend: $500 Per Day: $250

South Athabasca Hall

 (780) 675-2170 | (780) 689-8796

The South Athabasca Hall has a capacity of 80 people and is fully accessible. This well equipped hall also has an outdoor kitchen, playground, firepit and a charcoal BBQ. Plenty of parking and RV area.

Wandering River Recreation Association

 (780) 623-0193