This website is an initiative of Athabasca County’s Tourism/Economic Development Committee. Representation on the committee consists of Councillors and members-at-large from Athabasca County, the Town of Athabasca and Village of Boyle. Athabasca University was also invited to be part of the committee in 2018.

The committee endeavours to support and implement programs and activities that further the goals of economic and tourism development within the Athabasca region. It’s members have developed a strategic plan for Tourism and Economic Development in the region.


About Athabasca County

Athabasca County 2C logoAthabasca County has a permanent population of 7,662 residents (2011 Census) within its 6,122.75 square kilometres of land. The region has long been reputed for its excellent outdoor amenities, including great fishing, hunting, quadding, and snowmobiling opportunities. Others can enjoy our campgrounds, hiking trails, and paved roads perfect for a motorcycle trip. A number of lakes with clean water and maintained beaches are perfect for a day trip.

For more information on Athabasca County, visit or call 780 675 2273.

About the Town of Athabasca

town of athabasca logoThe Town of Athabasca is nestled at the elbow of the Athabasca River. Once a critical junction for the fur trade and klondikers hoping to strike it rich, the bustling community of 2,990 residents (2011 Census) enjoys the convenience of many urban amenities balanced with the pleasures of a rural lifestyle. The riverfront stage, children’s water park, and skate park all serve as gathering places throughout the year.

For more information on the Town of Athabasca, visit or call 780 675 2063.

About the Village of Boyle

The Village of Boyle is located along Highway 63 and is near many recreational opportunities including a ski-hill, provincial park, municipal and private campgrounds and lakeside summer villages. The community offers many services and amenities for residents, visitors and owners of recreational property including lodging, grocery stores, retail outlets, gas stations and restaurants.

For more information about the Village of Boyle, visit or call (780) 689-3643.

About Athabasca University

Athabasca University (AU) has played a prominent role in the community since it relocated its campus to the Town of Athabasca in 1984 after being founded in 1970. More than 320 AU team members currently live in the region and work in the picturesque campus right in the town.

On top of injecting more than $30 million annually into the local economy with direct and indirect investments, the university supports the community by collaborating on community events such as local arts and craft shows.

Anyone looking for more information about Athabasca University’s contributions to the community can read                                                                               more here. You can also learn about the undergraduate and graduate programs the university offers.